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Introduction of hanger hook fixing method

Release time:2018-09-10  Browse:1606
The hanger hook is an assembly for each hanger, and of course the hanger hook is integral with the hanger body, such as a plastic hanger, for a single forming hanger. However, for wooden hangers or some high-grade metal hangers, the inner hangers are combined. So is there a few common ways to fix the hook of a hanger?

The first way, direct spot welding, this process is the most common, such as the bra on the map is directly hooked to the hanger body, this process is also the simplest.

The second way, the spiral type, is mostly common in wooden hangers. Some wooden hangers are perforated in a screw cap, some are not perforated, are rotated directly or pressed into the inside with a machine.

The third way, riveting in, is usually used to fix iron pipe type hangers. As shown in the figure, the hanger hook is usually rotatable. Of course, it can be directly riveted, but it will be loose for a long time. After all, this is a process limitation.

In the fourth way, a small fitting is used, and the hanger hook is fixed to the hanger main body in this way as shown in the figure. Generally, the process is suitable for high-grade hangers, and the manufacturing process is complicated.